Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diner a la C'arte

What had been a self portrait became a hot dog. I'm ok with that.
Actually I'm happy about that. In an open call for postcard-sized art dealing with food, Diner a la C'arte, in France, the bastion of cuisine no less, I was stumped for days. Then I remembered Ray Johnson's foot long drop over Long Island, a performance piece were Johnson rented a helicopter on his gallery's tab, and dropped foot-long hot dogs to the waiting crowd below. Off my collage goes airmail to France, and as they say, 'bon appetit.'


Anonymous said...

Hi Nadine !
Thanks for your "Bon appétit " & your card for "Dîner à la c'art"

Sincerly yours

M. said...

Hi Nadine !

Follow also my blog !