Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Garden Days

Like many before me, I am taking inspiration from the garden these days.  The bursts of color, the blossoms turning into food, it's all such a happy summertime metaphor about life's bounty.  But it needs tending, of course.  The watering, the weeding, and the harvesting is dividing among our family, making it a communal experience.  Best yet, we are eating healthful food-- zucchini practically every day, cucumber salads, tomato soups, and the like make this season's experiment in eating local food even more successful and delicious.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bouler Pfluger Bayshore and Brooklyn

Bouler Pfluger Architects' downtown Bayshore office is humming with several recently hired employees and a flurry of incoming projects-- ranging from a large commercial hardware store (no, not a big box!) to a new waterfront home.  Being in a downtown area is great, but being next to the gourmet deli is even better.  Come by, say hello, and get yourself a hero sandwich at Frank and Maria's.  Tell them James sent you.

Things in NYC expanded as well, so BPA needed a second office, which just opened this week in Industry City, in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  Right now, the Brooklyn office is primarily working on the Build it Back projects in the Rockaways and Staten Island, but certainly open to new and interesting projects in the boroughs.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Not-So-Great South Bay

 Sludge in Orowoc Creek, Islip NY

Another reason to ban plastic bags

Parking lot garbage we picked up in five minutes

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


 This book amazed me in its philosophy about living beings, especially moss. After I read this book, I wandered Potic Mountain in search of all the different types of moss we  had on our little spot of earth.  The results were surprising, and quite life affirming.

I love this author-- from BEAN TREES to LACUNA... and now this book.  I totally enjoyed the audiobook. As I drove to work each morning, plus a couple of trips up the Hudson Valley, this 12-disc book inspired me to attempt to eat locally and to perhaps even grow my own food this summer.

And in the midst of all this botany love, I enjoyed everything about Black Horse Farms in Athens, NY. Owner Chellie is a doll, and the plants are brilliant, the soups are savory, and don't get me started on the bloody mary mix.  I'm going to try and 'eat the seasons' this year-- buying produce locally as it comes into season.  With climate change now a reality, food consumption, habitat restoration, and bike transportation are added to my list of eco-friendly considerations. Eating locally offers so many benefits. Taste, community, environment, economics all come into play. And please don't even get us started on local beers.  Crossroads in Athens, NY and Great South Bay Brewery in Bayshore, NY can attest to James' love of a full growler.

Bouler Pfluger Architects is now investigating native plantings for many of their Sandy relief projects.  By using native plantings, habitat can be improved.  Properly considered, the platings can serve as habitat for wildlife as well as improving drainage for flood zones.  Best yet is landscaping that doesn't require mowing or pesticides.  If NYC-LI truly considered strategic wildlife and drainage zones, not only could future storms be mitigated, people could experience the return of wildlife to their backyards.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Celebration

As the earth wakes up today, hopefully people feel a renewed sense of purpose.  Spring has that effect on the spirit.  Earth Day, a funny sort of remembrance, should remind us that our earth is central to our renewal.  The days grow longer, the plants poke out of the soil, and we defrost our spirits.  Instead of the grim admonishments to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we should smile that we still have the capacity to improve our earth's situation.  From eating locally to using fewer fossil fews, renewing our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint is hopefully a goal the entire world community can celebrate.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Springtime Blooms

After quite a long hiatus, I am happy to return to the Bouler-Pfluger Architects blog.  Since the last post about Hurricane Sandy, much has happened to both the architectural practice and life with the Boulers.  Fortunately, all is well and many new ideas and challenges are on the horizon.

As you can see from the  conference room above, James and Nick have opened a new office in Bay Shore, NY, as well as a satellite office in Brooklyn, NY.  They are joined by a growing staff of enthusiastic professionals who are helping the practice grow on two fronts.  On Long Island, the practice continues to take on a mix of projects in both Suffolk and Nassau counties-- from commercial buildings to new waterfront homes.  Meanwhile in Brooklyn, BPA is working with NYC's Build it Back program, where homeowners whose homes were devastated by Sandy are now able to work with the city in rebuilding their structures at a proper elevation for the flood zone.  It's a great undertaking, but also a wonderful opportunity to help people get back into their homes.

Artistically, I have also undergone quite a bit of change.  After 20 paintings depicting flooded structures last year (yes, I had flood on the brain!), I've decided it was time for a change.  What better way to signal a rebirth than to visit gardens for subject matter. Looking at Monet and Sargent, I couldn't help but be drawn to their bursts of color and the lushness of texture.  I've even been reading about local farming and botany, recharging my creative energy and inspiring me to move the artwork in a different direction.  It's a development that encouraged me to check in with the blog again, to offer an update, and to celebrate new growth.

Sunday, December 2, 2012