Friday, August 13, 2010

Hog Island, Maine

Audubon, Bremen, Maine

A view of Hog Island

Crow's Nest exterior

It's the sort of place you conjure when you think of summer camp from the childhood of your imagination. Hog Island, a stone's throw off the coast of Bremen, Maine, is the perfect spot for bird watching and kayaking. This 330-acre island situated in Muscongus Bay is home to Audubon's summer ornithology for adults and teens, with a focus on seabirds. Crow's Nest, the aptly named building, is home to the camp and is due for a bit of renovation. Bouler Architecture is working with Audubon to revamp the open space into ones with more privacy, without losing the building's charm. Hopefully the new structure will encourage campers from all over to do some birding, or perhaps even an artist/writer retreat, which could use the picturesque setting for inspiration.


C Tanner Jensen said...

Sign me up.It looks like the perfect place to stop and be still,and then to create.

Tom Judson said...

I would like to spend the rest of my life here, please.