Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Apartment Therapy Challenge

 After a much needed edit

 A messy cleaning process

Order restored 

Chaos remains

Are you a fan of New Year's Resolutions?  I am, and yet every year I seem to make the same ones. Top of the list oftentimes is to get organized.  For the past few years, I've signed up for Apartment Therapy's new year challenge to get the house under control.  Who knew my cabinets were a virtual graveyard for expired medicines and tasteless spices. I mean, when you've got medicine in there that expired in 2009, it's time to clean house.  And as for saving every mug I've ever owned, some can certainly make their way to the church's thrift shop.  The daily tasks Apartment Therapy suggests are a great kickstart to getting the house in order.  Every day, an email inches you one step closer to housing Nirvana and before you know it, you've made some progress, at least until next year.


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