Saturday, December 26, 2015

In Praise of the Old

Athens, NY, circa 1875 

Eastlake details on the porch railing 

Original bannister and front door 

 Incredible Hudson Valley light

Jackson and Clara enjoying a moment on the antique couch

What is it about old homes that makes so much sense? Is it the attention to detail, or the efficient use of the site?  Having chronicled the Hudson Valley for several years now, I'm impressed at how the area never ceases to offer up fascinating discoveries in terms of charm, character, aesthetics, and history. One of our recent finds is this house, situated on top of a hill in Athens, NY with a view of the Hudson River.   
The house is a new journey for the Bouler family as we explore every element, sort out what's less than resolved, and get to know our new neighborhood.  Built in 1875, it survived a fire 30 years ago and several ill-conceived renovations.  Walking around the rooms, we envision those who built it, wondering their names and careers.  Were they in shipping, maybe exporting ice, as many did in the Athens area? Perhaps an artist from the Hudson River School? How many servants did they have?  When did the home get electrified? Snooping through town records can certainly help piece together the answers, and we are grateful and thrilled to be adding our family's history to the genealogy to the house. 

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