Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The H2O Factor: Protecting Our Waters

Imagine putting champagne in your toilet. Ridiculous, right? And yet, that's what we do by putting drinkable water into our toilets instead of using grey or rain water. We take for granted turning on the faucet and having fresh glass of water to drink; however dwindling reserves of fresh water have become a global concern. With far too many areas of the globe finding themselves with contaminated water sources, it seems nonsensical to waste this precious resource. By taking a chance on dirty energy sources like hydrofracking and tar sands pipelines, we further imperil our most basic needs, which would prove to be far more costly in the long run in many ways. It was with pleasure to see March's Whole Living Magazine dedicated to conserving water. Not only were there practical water saving tips, there was this nifty Collapsible Rain Barrel featured. Since I am starting a kitchen garden this summer (dream big), I'd love to have a handy rainwater source. I'm asking for two-- one for Mother's Day and the other for my birthday.
The waterways got other good news today. The Senate voted overwhelming to send the BP oil spill fines directly to restoring the Gulf instead of putting them in the general environmental fund. This issue is of personal interest as our family went to DC twice to talk to our representatives, including Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, about our concerns about the region. A big thanks to the Audubon Society for their leadership on this important decision. If you haven't renewed your Audubon membership, or want to support an awesome environmental group, please consider sending them a donation today.

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