Monday, July 18, 2011

Photography: Naturally

When Olivia began bird watching at five years old, it was at close range at our feeders, but as her interest in birding grew, it became important for her to not only see birds in their natural habitat, but to document what she saw. This year Olivia had the chance to test drive her new Tamron zoom lens on Eastern Egg Rock as part of her visit to Project Puffin. Here are some of her shots--demonstrating how the zoom capacity allowed her to get up close and personal with birds which might have otherwise been scared off.
As humans encroach on more and more natural habitat, Project Puffin, a seabird restoration project in Maine started by ornithologist Dr. Stephen Kress, demonstrates the steps people can take to help birds find suitable habitat for nesting and may be the key to preventing extinction for species like Roseate Terns. If you would like to support Project Puffin, please consider bidding on the original painting Olivia donated to them.

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