Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Cost of Green Lawns

What's with the lawns, people? Scotts is developing a genetically modified bluegrass for golf courses, and we all know it's a matter of time before it makes its way to homes across America. Not regulated by the agriculture department or the EPA, we all can write the next line of this story--- INVASIVE SPECIES! Like kudzoo's march through the South, we'll then be scrambling to contain the grass at considerable cost financially and environmentally.
Our obsession with a green lawn borders on insanity. Pesticide use for grass is off the charts, especially on Long Island, where run-off and aquifers are of scant concern in light of the lure of a lawn. Then teams of fossil-fuel burning lawn mowers and leaf blowers plow through our neighborhoods, all for a crop that feeds no one, not even birds, which is then watered with a precious resource: drinkable water.
So here's my proposal-- Charge a HUGE tax on pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Encourage people to appreciate natural looking lawns, to plant native plants to feed animals, or to cultivate crops to feed people.


Susan Campisi said...

Amen. Your words are a breath of fresh air blowing against insanity. I learned recently about this product: http://www.pearlspremium.com/eco-friendly-lawn%20

Nadine @ BDG said...

Thanks so much Susan for your comments-- I don't think we are alone-- wouldn't it be nice to start a movement?!