Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nadine in the 19th Century

As Louise prepares to teach the history of photography, her mode of attack is to purchase every form of antique photography methods. Forget the tin type, she's talking all sorts of types that I ain't never heard no nothin' about. Thank goodness I am enrolled to get the inside scoop. We are also going to be playing in the darkroom and. . . having our historical (hysterical) portraits taken. A master of disguise and photoshop, Louise has the eerie skill of swiftly turning the most hip Greenpoint fabunista into a Civil War widow. Here's a view of my life in the 19th century...the two sides of me that still exist in 2011. Let me know if you are around doing nothing on Monday or Tuesday next week and I'll see if I can sneak you into this wonderful and wonderfully unpredictable workshop.


MMoran said...

You ... and Louise?? Can't wait for my photo op :)!!

modernemama said...

You mean that? I'll letvyou swim in my ice cold pool in return

Nadine @ BDG said...

I'm thinking that's a great swap!