Sunday, June 19, 2011

Going LOCA(L)

Have you ever played the game "What-if-all-the-gasoline-disappeared-how-would-I-survive?" game. Sadly, I've run through the scenario a couple of times while caught in traffic on my way to work. After a few moments of cold panic, I decide, by golly, that I'd just grow my own food in the yard. End of story. Or is it?
Not if monster corporate conglomerate seed manufacturer Monsanto has anything to do with it. No they'd rather create seeds for crops which can't seed themselves, reducing the number of plant species and keeping us chained to them for our food supply.
The way I see it, the only way to combat this type of corporate greed, as well as cut gasoline consumption, is to purchase locally grown, unmodified foods. Of course, those who are part of the growing CSA farming movement already know the satisfaction of putting organic, heirloom produce on their tables. For me, while upstate this weekend I went over to Athens to Black Horse Farms buy a cart of groceries: local eggs, fiddlehead ferns, strawberries, and several bee-friendly flowering plants. Around the corner at Crossroads, I picked up a couple of growlers of locally brewed beer. After making a father's day meal with my local finds, it was not only gratifying to know that my feast supported an ideal in which I believe, but it was exceptionally delicious.

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