Sunday, February 6, 2011

So Ripe: Rose Colored Glasses

Here's a pastel sketch I did tonight planning out an image for Ripe Art Gallery's Valentine's day show, which is freshly renovated for the occasion. The topic: Rose Colored Glasses. Tricky for my 'Angry Landscape' motif, but I figured with my life coming up roses right now, I could muster up the positive spirit required-- seeing the rosy, romantic side of of the garden. With Redon in mind, I dove into the pastels. The results are a bit creepy, but I hope to have time this week to render it with more success in a painting. As for the Valentine's show, it is usually a standing room only affair, so slip in the back to check out the 'backroom gallery' of selections from my last show at Ripe with Honey Millmann.

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