Saturday, February 5, 2011


Jericho High School had established a water bottle recycling program several years ago; however the program was discontinued in September. Unfortunately our recycling bins weren't distinct enough from our garbage cans, causing too many food scraps to make their way into the bins. Although more and more students are using reusable stainless bottles, many are still reliant on plastic water bottles. Here is a pic of discarded water bottles on stage after middle school graduation.

With 52,000 water bottles sold annually through our school cafeteria, not to mention the scores of bottles brought in via backpacks, the Senior Experience class made restarting the recycling program our number one priority. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of several clubs, the input of East Coast Recycling and the Eco Action Network, and the support of our district's administration, it looks as if we'll make our March 4th deadline, just in time for a pep rally kick-off event. The students are planning a multimedia campaign to educate our student population on both the need for and the method of proper recycling. While some students were shooting a video, others reused the backs of Bouler Architecture blueprints to make 'coming soon' signs. Their enthusiasm for getting this eco-friendly project off the ground was contagious. As I walked out of the room with Tim, a student who plans to become a chef, he looked out at the snow-filled courtyard and asked if he could turn part of it into an organic garden with a compost. Absolutely!

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