Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bayshore: In the Details

Building trim is a lot like a necktie. By covering joined edges, it gives a building a polished finish. Here, James is looking at the mockup of a bracket design for the exterior trim on this waterfront Bayshore residence. Interior trim is equally important in the aesthetics of a space. Crown moulding and base trim, once intended to protect the fragile edges of paster walls, now give a complete look to a space, a framing detail to a blank wall. As to the efficiency of this building, it took a giant leap forward recently when its ground-mounted array of photovoltaic panels, which will provide solar energy for the geothermal heating system, was approved by the town board.


modernemama said...

Love the cohesiveness of the design-what is the beautiful wood in the third photo?

Nadine @ BDG said...

That is cedar-- and I hear the bathrooms in this house are going to be fantastic-- James described them as 'warm modern'. Looks like you'll need a house tour before long!