Saturday, January 1, 2011


As the sun set on 2010, I considered reflecting on the year, but it was too much, really. It was an amazing year with so many surprises that it is simply impossible to recount them. In summation, I've met some wonderful folks this year, which restores this misanthrope's faith in humanity.
Instead I decided to think about 2011. I am kind of superstitious. I think the way I begin a year will set the tone for the rest. You can imagine my chagrin, then, when a few years back James and I opened the year sidelined by food poisoning. And yes, the rest of the year went as such. Since then, I've made a conscious effort to begin the year with deliberate intent. This year opens with organization, both of my home and my thoughts. I am not alone. Magazines are devoted to either losing weight or organizing one's belongings, or both. In fact, I hear Target has conveniently created four separate locations where shoppers can pick up plastic tubs and shelf organizers. This is serious zeitgeist at work here. Because 2010 had me running like a hamster on a wheel for most of the year, things like steam cleaning the carpets and tossing crusty remainders out of the cupboards were pushed off, until now. Forget spring cleaning. New Year's Cleaning. I'm hoping that by getting the house in order, I'll gain control of all the rest. And if not, at least the carpets will be clean.

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