Monday, December 27, 2010

Dollhouse Down Time

Being snowed seemed like the perfect time to set up a dollhouse and Jackson's new train set. About nine years ago, I had the dollhouse built by Kellogg's in Cold Spring Harbor, my fantasy home with a mansard roof line and realistic brick chimney. It was more than we were looking to spend, but it was one of those moments where craftsmanship won out over practicality. As as an artist who paints small scaled images of houses, married to an architect, and a fan of The Borrowers, it was too much to ask of me to stay within our budget. Fortunately I knew a woman who was willing to swap her collection of dollhouse furnishings for two of my 'big girl' drawings, so it all balanced out in the end.
What is it about miniature furnishings and faux engine smoke that is so soothing? Is it the act of playing God, rearranging the details to suit one's fancy? Even Flickr has many photographers dedicated to chronicling their miniature fantasy spaces. All I know is that the kids were entertained for many hours yesterday, lost in their own tiny world.