Sunday, July 18, 2010

Klph and John: 'Original Owner' at Ripe Art Gallery

Poet Charlie Pelligrino

John Keller

Camera shy Cliff Gardiner in mirror

James with Cliff Sr and Joyce Gardiner
I have incredible nerve posting these iphone pics to discuss the work of photography team Cliff Gardiner and John Keller (Klph and John) and their current exhibition at Ripe Art Gallery in Greenlawn, NY. Their photographs, super closeup shots of rusting American cars, were mounted to pristine plexiglass, which provided an unusual juxtaposition of shine versus decay. The show, attended equally by car and art enthusists, makes a statement about Americana as well. The nostalgia and respect for the American muscle car is central, but is given metaphorical meaning in its disintegration into rust. The show runs through August 13th.

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Cherie said...

Thanks Nadine! Glad you liked the show...what a great day, what great work, what great friends...