Monday, June 7, 2010

Banding Birds

One of Olivia's dreams was to band a bird, so we jumped at the chance for her to band one of her favorite birds, the barn owl. Don Riepe, director of the northeast chapter of the American Littoral Society, invited Olivia to join his group in banding barn owls in Jamaica Bay, Queens, and boy, did she have an adventure. After a few attempts to locate the sleeping birds, the fourth try struck gold, and Olivia was able to observe the beautiful birds up close as they were banded for tracking purposes.


michelle said...

Oh how cool, it's a fuzzy baby barn owl!!

modernemama said...

the first shot is captivating - so glad Olivia got to band the barn owl

Chessa! said...

I just saw Olivia's beautiful drawings on CNN. As I said to you before, she is extraordinary! so you and with so much vision:) you've raised a wonderful and compassionate child.