Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Clean Energy Now

The Angry Cloud 2010
I've lived through one oil crisis too many. When I was ten, I remember President Carter and long gas lines, alternating days to fill up. Imagine how far along we'd be if had put our energy into getting off oil then, instead of scratching our heads in 2010. Even if oil was unlimited and cheap, it is still a dirty business, both literally and figuratively. Watching the news last night, I was disgusted with the state of affairs on many levels, but one bright light was NJ Senator Robert Menendez, who argued for the need to explore clean energy. This morning I wrote to Senator Menendez, thanking him for his sensible suggestions.
There are bright moments this week, however. Olivia's bird illustrations are rolling along-- donations are headed to Audubon and National Wildlife Federation as of this morning-- and drawings are on their way to those who donate. I am adding The Nature Conservancy to our list of places to donate. Their website is also quite informative on ways to help.

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