Friday, December 11, 2009

School Space

It's been chronicled how important clean and safe surroundings are to a student's education, but shouldn't a school's space be even more than that? Now I won't blame architecture for my ambivalence about my own education; however as a person who works in a public high school, I can attest to the dreariness of its institutionalized aesthetic. How is one supposed to inspire a love of learning while surrounded by blue concrete blocks and beige linoleum flooring? The heights of literature, the richness of art, the brilliance of science must be conveyed in the most mundane of spaces. But not in this German school James visited. This modern and colorful building seems to embody the energy and the imagination needed to inspire students. Even the gymnasium seems festive. If we want to encourage students to have a passion for knowledge, shouldn't that somehow make its way into the space itself?

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