Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I had a lovely trip to see blogger Jane, aka Modernemama's, bathroom today. The house, an Andrew Gellar modernist puzzle, is a complicated balance of midcentury aesthetics, so redoing the master bath is an interesting renovation. It's size-- substantial-- with a connection to a walk in closet, and the space functions well with both a shower stall and a sunken bath, so the renovation is more cosmetic than structural. Jane graciously shared her tile ideas over a delicious cup of Belgian coffee, and I was keen to agree with her direction for the space.
What was even more intriguing was searching for the best spots to photograph the facade of the house. Its complexity combined with a shadowy elusiveness made me wonder which elevation could serve as the genesis of a surreal painting based on the house. I like that the building ducks and hides behind shrubbery, sneaking an unexpected angle here and there. Finding its sweet spot? That's a challenge I'm willing to take.


modernemama said...

Re the idea and the house ducking behind bushes - we have ducks on the pool every year in Spring!

Nadine @ BDG said...

Thanks for the challenge-- and for your great entry!