Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Another in the list of classic children's literature is being memorialized in a film adaptation. This one, a stop-action animation directed by Wes Anderson, takes Roald Dahl's text Fantastic Mr. Fox, and stages it in miniature sets. The images of the interiors, Badger's law office, Ash's bedroom, all created at a dollhouse scale provide a warm charm that is often lacking in other types of animation. Perhaps it is my love of another classic children's book, the Borrowers, that I really love anything miniature in scale, as well as my long-standing admiration for the imaginative work of Roald Dahl that I can hardly wait to see this film which is being released in theaters next week.

*disclosure-- I received several promotional posters and complimentary screening passes for this film, though I would have probably mentioned it anyway.

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modernemama said...

Can't wait for this one either - another of my daughter's favourites