Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Architecture Humor

Found this funny image on Resetta, an Italian design blog: LeCorbusier, Philip Johnson, I.M. Pei all sporting the same frames. And yet, architects aren't the only ones with funky glasses. Check out my personal fashion hero, Iris Apfel. Last year the Nassau County Museum in Roslyn hosted a show of her personal wardrobe. Most striking was her unabashed use of accessories to transform an outfit from ordinary to imaginative. Seen here in one of her more sedate outfits, Apfel traveled the world and integrated breastplates, bangles, cocktail rings, belts and boots from around the globe, sometimes wearing them all in the same outfit.
As an accessory, glasses have become iconic-- John Lennon's wire rims, Sarah Palin's frames, Woody Allen's horn rims. I fall in love with frames all the time, but as luck would have it, my vision has actually improved over time so I no longer need glasses for now. I'll just have to think of another way to become a fashion icon I suppose.

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heidi said...

Omg... is Iris the inspiration for the costume designer character in "The Incredibles" movie, or what!!???