Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Salvage Site

My cousin, graphic artist Michele Mikita sent me the link to an architectural salvage place in Barnegat, NJ called Recycling the Past. Not only do I adore the idea of reusing objects in new contexts, I loved killing an hour perusing their site, discovering an eclectic collection of salvaged materials. It amused me to think about placing an electric OPEN sign in the woods or installing one of the shipment of sinks from the 1960's just recently discovered. The prices are reasonable, a porcelain kitchen farm sink runs about $1,000. This could be the spot to find that unusual sign or vintage sink which could add an extra something to a predicable decor.

1 comment:

aavivaa said...

Looooove that photo with all the sinks! That open sign would be great on the front door of an architecture firm. ;)