Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vessel Sinks: Any Thoughts?

After pondering how to get the Formica off my mother's discarded bathroom sink, James and I decided to investigate other options. We have a juicy slab of walnut that would remind you of a good steak, that we think would make a great counter. A clear option is a vessel resting on top of the wood. The client in Oak Beach is installing one onto a dresser and modernemama had one in her powder room, so we may be on to something. I'm thinking white porcelain to match the clawfoot tub and as contrast to the rich brown of the wood, maybe with a flat bottom and a wall mounted faucet. Any thoughts on this? Those of you who have them in your homes, any insights you can offer are most welcome.


modernemama said...

I put them in three of the baths, in two cases to raise the height of the sinks on floating vanity units because I'm tall and hate to bend, the other because I wanted a wow factor in the tiny powder room. In another bath I installed an undermount sink because the dresser was already 36" high.
There's very little difference between the two styles when it comes to cleaning or splashing but available counter space and sink height should be carefully considered.
Here's a link to the white porcelain flat bottom vessel sink, and another to the brown glass one

Nadine @ BDG said...

OOO I was hoping you'd share your expertise-- I loved the way yours looked. Thanks.

pve design said...

I have seen them in modern homes as well as in traditional homes and there are many styles, and colors...one of my favorites is in a blue glass which reminds me of "beach" glass. I also love copper ones.
Sounds like a great idea on top of that slab of walnut.
(height is a huge issue for me so that would be key..)

krys kirkpatrick said...
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krys kirkpatrick said...

Sorry, I tried posting pictures of our sinks and couldn't figure it out. We have 2 different kinds of sinks that sit on top of our counters. One is wood and sits on a concrete counter. The others are granite and sit on a very old, thick slap of wood from thailand. I love them both. I think the wood sink is more unusual though. Good luck in your decisions.

Nadine @ BDG said...

Krys, I'm so glad you mentioned some options-- we were actually looking last night at different sinks and even considered using a vintage galvanized tub. Sorry you couldn't post pics-- both sinks sound great.