Monday, August 10, 2009

Luncheon in the Grass

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining several talented blogging women for a lovely luncheon hosted by the fabulous Jane of modernemama. I had been following Jane's blog, and vice versa, and when we discovered this spring we were practically neighbors, we met up last May at the Bouler Design Group project on Oak Beach.
As one might expect with a table full of women who blog, there were few quiet moments at the table. From sacred topics like children and family secrets, to practical ones like advertising and Google Adsense, we enjoyed meeting each other beyond the computer screen. I felt as if I had landed among long lost friends: Patricia of pve, Susan of The Kitchen Designer, Heidi of faboolosity, Jean of Renovation Therapy, and of course our hostess Jane of modernemama.
Another bonus of the luncheon was the house tour. Designed by architect Andrew Geller in 1968, the place has a unique floor plan that is both functional and off-beat. With rooms cranked on angles and windows that are more like prisms, the house suits Jane's mid-century tastes perfectly. WIth its redwood detailing, the effect is warm and comfortable while maintaining an airy cool.
It was a day that I hope will be repeated soon, perhaps next time up at Potic cottage around the orange fireplace.


Renovation Therapy said...

If you do the luncheon at your Potic cottage, we could do drinks & dessert at my house...truly a stones throw!

So nice to meet you, surely will run into you at Black Horse or Grand Union!


modernemama said...

YAY a Blogina Posse house crawl! Too cool.
Thanks for making yesterday such a fun time - Jane

pve design said...

Can we roast marshmallows in that hip orange stove?
Your photos capture all the angles -- of the day.

Nadine @ BDG said...

Hey, you bring 'em, we'll roast 'em! It'll be the perfect spot for you to knit another cap.

heidi said...

You know you can count on me for the cake :-)