Monday, July 27, 2009

Verace Progress

With Verace's new framing in place, the kitchen's professional kitchen equipment is on its way toward installation. Centered around a hand-cranked, hundred-year-old meat and cheese slicer, the other appliances are currently being painted to match the slicer's antiqued enamel finish. Also set to be installed is a wood-fired bread oven, which will be clad in steel tubing fabricated especially for the restaurant. The rear facade, shown above, is really exciting to me, however. The entire area will be an outdoor dining courtyard, with a cobblestone alley connecting Teller's Chophouse and Verace in its own mini-streetscape.


modernemama said...

It has a very rustic feel with all the beams, can't wait to see it finished

Nadine @ BDG said...

We'll have to have a bloggers' lunch there when it's up and running! Tell Heidi, too.

Stan said...

Love the portholes above the windows. This looks to be an exciting place to dine.