Saturday, July 25, 2009

Red Hook

Red Hook, NY is a lovely spot to walk around, have lunch, buy a book, and snoop through antique shops. This is just what we did a couple of weeks ago when I was in search of a dresser for our new bedroom. We had done well with the kids' furniture on Craigslist: two twin beds with head boards, a dresser, and a bed stand for $250. After doing a couple of weeks of searching on Craigslist for my dresser to no avail, I decided to continue looking elsewhere. I found these dressers in three different shops, all within the price range of $160-$135. None of them particularly 'wowed' me, but I liked each for different reasons. The painted one had a shabby chic look and a lot of storage, and the oak one was in working order but not really the aesthetic I was going for. Besides, $160 was more than I was in the mood to spend. The last one, which has a secretary desk inside, really caught my fancy. It wouldn't necessarily work for upstate, but I began to play musical dressers in my mind: Well if I move the one in Islip, and swap it with that one... Needless to say I left all three right where they were, but enjoyed the search nonetheless.

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vicki archer said...

The fun is all in the looking sometimes isn't it? Enjoy the rest of your weekend....xv