Saturday, July 11, 2009

To Market

Black Horse Farms in Coxsackie, NY remains our favorite farmer's market. It's the kind of market where you could easily spend an hour sampling baked goods, perusing the greenhouses, and now jumping in a balloon-filled wind tunnel. The kids and I stopped there this week and were able to pick up homemade cheese, fresh vegetables, a couple of flats, and some bags of overripe fruit at clearance prices. With my overripe peaches and plums, I simply washed them and squished them into pots, boiling them down to a lovely goo to put over pancakes. No sugar needed. The overripe tomatoes were made into a fra diablo sauce with crabs, scallops, and clams. I love local produce. I even had a waking fantasy that I worked part time at the farm, wearing my Black Horse Farm tee shirt, deadheading all the flowers, getting first dibs on all the overripe fruit. Oh well. I will have to content myself with weekly visits.


modernemama said...

The best of summer, no? Over ripe fruit and veg and time to make soups and sauces. Enjoy!

Tom Judson said...

...and free samples, too!