Saturday, April 18, 2009

Black Horse Farms

SInce we're on our virtual road trip on 9W, there's an amazing farm stand (more like 'superstand') between Athens and Coxsackie. It's packed with all sorts of vegetables and fruits, as you would expect, but also gourmet snacks, plants, gardening tools, freshly baked pies, local cheeses, fudge, smoked salami, small gifts, fresh eggs... heck what did I miss? I get their discount produce for soups, plants for the deck at Potic-- even the kids look forward to stopping. It's got a very welcoming atmosphere where you wander at will. This past trip I bought my herbs for the Islip garden. I have been saving this amazing picture from Victoria Magazine of a kitchen garden for about ten years now. I love its pattern and function, which for some reason reminds me of 16th c. Italian painter Arcimboldo whose portraits are shaped out of vegetables or plants. Anyway, let me be honest here-- my garden will look nothing like this. It will ramble and spread more like an English country garden, but the function will be the same: to provide fresh herbs for the times I can't get to Black Horse Farms.

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