Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Potic Cottage Continued

Potic progress continues.
Now that we have a shell, it's time to start finishing what we've started. Our first search is for reasonably priced siding that we can agree on. Something sustainable, sturdy, good-looking, easy to install, and under $2 a square foot. Ok I know it's totally unreasonable, but c'mon, a girl can dream. Here is what I've found so far: Regular wood is about $5 a square foot, and reclaimed wood, unless you stumble upon it on Craigslist, is not far from that price range and hard to get in large quantities. LP SmartSiding could work, but we're thinking about panels for a more modern look, so that's still in the mix. Corregated metal might work too, at about $1.50 sq ft, but we're concerned about its look. I investigated a new product featured in Dwell this month, Richlite, a black material made from recycled paper that is used for surfacing skateboard parks. Unfortunately it runs about $200 a panel, so we're looking at at least $15 sq ft-- forget installation. No thanks. The search continues, but it leaves me thinking that there is a need for more variety this sort of product.
We began our work upstairs. Despite the lack of solid walls (all in good time), we do have doors. There was some concern about their warping with all the rain we've been having, so we decided to give them a few coats of paint. We used Home Depot's new line of paints, The Freshaire Choice, a non-VOC paint in Northern Pear Tree. The paint went on well, but did need the two coats, and dried lighter than the chip; however it dried quickly and had absolutely no fumes, so we were able to sleep upstairs that night without a problem.
One of the best parts about moving in upstairs is the view. The master bedroom has a terrific view of the downward slope to the seasonal creek, which is densely packed with hardwoods. James designed a little balcony off the room, large enough for a bench or a small chair. Later, we could add to the balcony, making it a second story deck.
Once the shop vac came through and the mattresses were set in place, it felt like a cross between a house and camping. Nestled in the trees with the cool mountain air, the whole family slept soundly in our new space.


vicki archer said...

This sounds totally idyllic, xv

Tom Judson said...

I am loving this!