Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Night of A Thousand Torches

This past fourth of July, we were invited to a fantastic luau along the banks of the Hudson River. The location, formerly known as Crazy Acres, had been a vacation rental for a revolving cast of characters, many of whom were on hand for the festivities. Missing, however, was former renter Tom Judson who was absent due to his summer in Saba.
The beauty of the setting was only outdone by the graciousness of our hosts, Ralph and David. The couple, who purchased the home two years ago to renovate, set up several terraced spaces for lounging and grilling, carved out along the path down to the river. They seemed to think of everything-- torches, drinks, throw pillows. As fortune would have it, it was low tide and the children, Olivia, Jackson, and their new friend Earl, spent time skipping stones and finding fossils while waiting for the fireworks to begin. Over their shoulder loomed the Rip Van Winkle Bridge, and beyond that, Catskill Point. The guests, bringing food, music and fun, embraced the luau spirit, cheering as fireworks splashed across the perfect night sky. As we sat perched atop the rocks along the road and watched the show, the very sleepy Jackson said, "Now that was worth staying up for."

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Anonymous said...

Hi All
This party was quite a smash! The setting was truly spectacular and the guest where a lot of fun. David and Ralph, You both outdid yourselves. The food was outstanding! Aloha to all
Philip Wingfield
One Brick Row (Wilderland, Athens)