Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Art Break

Art critic John Berger did a very thorough job articulating a theory in The Ways of Seeing as to why women have been the subject of paintings for hundreds of years. Since men are valued for their ability to wield power by taking action, and women are admired for their beauty in order to be acted upon, there is a inclination to objectify women. Though this is an intriguing argument, one cannot help but admire the sublime results of the art generated. Many of you may know this video clip by The Egg Man-- one of the most amazing sequences dedicated to the image of women as seen by artists. Cheers and peace.

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cluny said...

This book had such a monumental impact on me Having read it and re read it many times in more than 30 years, it's message is everlasting and helps any visual minded artist continue to question their impact on the world.