Sunday, May 31, 2009

Down in DUMBO

I've been itching to get to the flea market in DUMBO ever since I read about it in the New York Times. Situated under the Manhattan Bridge on Front Street, this was the last weekend of the indoor market and it was worth the trip. A mix of vintage clothes, mid century antiques, and handcrafted works by local artisans, there was a great selection of reasonably priced goodies for everyone. I had to walk away from an antique pocket book for $30, a handcrafted necklace from Elma Blint for $35, and a handscreened tee for $40; however I did find other items irresistible. I found a couple of great gifts for James for his upcoming birthday and father's day, as well as some fun items for the kids and myself. Jackson got a vintage bow tie, while Liv bought a colored glass cupcake charm. We spent a great deal of time deciding what to buy at Citybitz, a unique combination of glass and photographs on necklaces, mirrors, and business card holders. Meanwhile, I fell in love with TCat Designs-- handmade pillows and charming tees by Tom Toomey. Both would be perfect gifts for the funky kid in your life-- but I actually bought the bird pillow for myself. I also loved the screened camera shirts from Film Monsters-- available for even the youngest photographer in a onesie.
On the way out, we split a chocolate brownie and toasted our successful trip to DUMBO.

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