Monday, May 4, 2009

Archisage: A New Conversation

I was recently invited to join Archisage,an open social and professional network for people in architecture and other creative fields. Incredibly diverse, members are from all around the globe, and discussions cover some of the geographical realities of their projects. This weekend I found myself engaged in a discussion about grey water use with people who have done projects from Bermuda to India, two places with very distinct water needs. One doesn't need to be an architect to join or to have an interest-- just a passion for sustainable energy and architectural design, as well as a healthy dose of curiosity about what's going on in the architecture field worldwide. I found some great pictures posted by members, a few of which seen here.
Last week someone said to me that blogs are islands of interests, and I completely agree. Instead of massive social networks like Facebook and MySpace, blogs and social groups focus on a specific passion, whether it be design, food, or cars. In this simulated arena, I have gained new insights, seen incredible images, and discovered many kindred spirits.

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