Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Verace: Truth in Eating

Bouler Design Group has been commissioned to design a new Italian restaurant by the owners of Teller's Chophouse and Prime, two of Long Island's top eateries. The space, a brick building which has had many different functions throughout its hundred year history,will incorporate the classical element of a Romanesque arch in a post-modern, expressive way. These computer generated images (thank you, Nicholas Pfluger!) provide a sense of some of the interior elevations. By working with interior designer Jim Wood, James was able to reuse much of the existing building. According to Time Magazine, one of the greenest ways to further the construction industry is to reuse existing structures as much as possible. What's great about this one is its bones-- the aged brick, the beams-- and its context to the streetscape. Located on Main Street in Islip next door to Tellers, the cozy space between the buildings reminds me of an old European cobblestone alleyway. As for the interior finish, everything is being considered: color, efficiency, flow, texture, and ambience. Once open, I suspect Verace will become a regular stop to dine in for many of us on the island.

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