Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gehry Field Trip

I suppose you could call it Bilbao in the Hudson Valley-- though I'm sure Bard's concert hall would be dwarfed by the Guggenheim's museum-- but it did save us the trip to Spain. Needless to say Gehry's performance center for Bard was awesome. I literally got tears in my eyes at its audacity in the rolling hills of Annendale-on-the-Hudson. It is incredibly easy to visit-- just pull off 9G for a short stint and whammo-- there you are, face to face with a truly memorable building. It doesn't change the direction of our ideas for Potic Cottage for obvious reasons; however it is not lost on us that Gehry's early experimentation was on his own home. Who knows what sorts of lessons we'll learn on our Potic experiment?

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