Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why Potic?

What a gift to have a weekend space. We feel particularly fortunate to have found this one which is situated between Hudson, Windham, Albany, and NYC. We're able to get there, door-to-door in three hours (traffic notwithstanding)and have access to hiking, kyacking, mountains, farmstands, shopping, skiing, and antiquing. And yet, most of the time, we do nothing in particular. That mental space has been essential for our sanity and our imaginations. Even the kids find themselves taking it down a pace. Is it the physical space which does it-- surrounded by nature without TV, phone, or internet? Or is it that we've consciously changed gears from workday to weekend mode. Either way, we've used the weekend cottage more and more often. As James plugs away at the many projects in the office, we're hoping sneak in our new floorplans by the end of the week. As for me, I've been busy scanning Craigslist for recycled materials, either salvaged or surplus, for both econmical and environmental reasons. So far I've found all sorts of stuff, but I'm still in the market for a clawfoot tub and a couple of 1970's enamel wood stoves. It's the mix of these eclectic elements that intrigues me the most. Meanwhile, we've set Keith up to screen in the porch. James and I had differing feelings about this move-- he prefers the open air; however I like using a screened porch as an additional living/dining space. We've opted for removable screen panels and a ceiling fan and we're hoping to add a wood stove for autumn days.

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