Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Now starring.... Tom Judson

While I am waiting on new floor plans, I felt it was a good opportunity to talk about the illustrious Tom Judson, or TJ as our children have started calling him. We purchased Potic Cottage from Tom in April of 2007, and in doing so, gained a friend in the process. Having gone from Broadway to house renovation, Tom did a great job making Potic Cottage charming and cozy, so much so that we bought all of its contents as well. The pictures above feature some of Tom's decorating style, including his homage to architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the form of a guest room with built-ins.
Better yet, Tom makes even the smallest moment fun. Just ask him about ordering pie at Koch's restaurant or the Town of Athens parade. His enthusiasm for life is contageous. When we first met Tom, he was housing a grand piano in his small kitchen, in lieu of a table and chairs. He can build a deck in record time, play the accordion, and quote Auntie Mame. What more could you want in a friend?
And wouldn't you know, he's even got a claw foot tub in storage---

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