Sunday, November 13, 2011

Windham's Recovery

The Boulers decided to celebrate 11/11/11 by heading out on a family hike up Acra Point, a state park right outside of Windham. Jackson described the climb as God's staircase.

The kids loved our picnic lunch with a view of Black Dome Mountain.

As did the parents.

Unfortunately, on our way home, we discovered a bag of garbage in the swiftly moving stream. Luckily James was able to fish it out with a stick before the bag burst and spread garbage in the water.

Jackson, who is very interested in environmental engineering, documented the erosion caused by the flooding after Hurricane Irene.

After our family hike, we head into Windham for some supplies. At The Country Store, one of our favorite spots, we picked up local eggs and yogurt, a loaf of freshly baked raspberry crumb cake, hot apple cider, and a flurry of snowflakes. Although recovery been tough for the area, it was good to see Windham pulling together to rebuild after the storm.


Tom Judson said...

Really glad to see these photos. I haven't made it over there since the flood and I've been so curious about what's going on with the town. I hope they can get things back on track for ski season.

Nadine @ BDG said...

Downtown was recovering slowly-- lots of shops closed up. And roads were under repair. We were glad to do some shopping-- I hear Prattsville is worse off.