Sunday, October 16, 2011


Check out this map of the deforestation of the US. The last graphic reveals a huge decrease in the number of forests, especially in the eastern half of the country. But what's more disturbing to me is that the last graphic reads 1926. Who knows what that map looks like now.
Here's a recent graphic of global electricity consumption:

Clearly the glow of the Northeast in the US shows just how plugged in this region is as it replaced trees with industry. The worldwide disparity of access to electric has great implications for those who don't have enough juice to power lifesaving healthcare technology, and creating access through solar panels has become a mission for groups like Power Up Gambia.
Both images reveal a culture that devours everything in its path, fueled by its own consumption, until it extinguishes every last resource. No wonder Godzilla is mad as hell.

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