Friday, August 19, 2011

WLIR and APB: A Reunion

Fortunately there was a break in Bouler action, allowing me the time to go to tonight's WLIR/APB reunion event at My Father's Place. Former radio station WLIR was perhaps Long Island's best contribution to music history (eat that, Billy Joel). Bringing punk rock and new wave to New York's airwaves, it was a 1980's mainstay for the disenfranchised, angst ridden teen that I was. One of its best musical finds was Scottish band APB, a punk/funk band from Aberdeenshire, Scotland who developed a substantial fan base in the Tri-State area. Though you may not know any of their songs, you'll recognize their sound, now appropriated by bands like The Killers and Franz Ferdinand. In listening to their music again, I'm impressed with how much it holds together-- a modern fusion that was definitely before its time-- not unlike WLIR itself.

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