Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Revue

Huntington's Book Revue is the kind of book store that you might see in a movie-- a funky, independent village spot that functions like a town square. And when Olivia's publisher asked where we'd like to have her Long Island book signing, it was an immediate response: The Book Revue. Sure Bill Clinton signed his book there, and Mary Tyler Moore too, but it was also a store I've frequented since I was a teenager growing up in a nearby town. The turn out today for Olivia was just amazing. Pitched in Newsday today as one of the 'top ten things to do on Long Island', the crowd ranged from friends, family, colleagues, her teachers, my students, James' clients, and people who read in the newspaper about this girl who drew birds. IT was part reunion, part eco-activism. By the time car service came to take Olivia and James to the airport, headed for Portland Oregon, the goodies had been eaten and the books had sold out. Thanks to all of you who were there to celebrate Olivia's Birds!


modernemama said...

Fabulous event. Olivia was outstanding, drawing & taking questions simultaneously but there's one thing I want to know... who ate all the peeps?

Nadine @ BDG said...

Could it be that smiling man lurking over your shoulder? They are addictive!

dean said...

Thanks for sharing fabulous photos in your blog. I like the manual on about architecture as your point of view.
dean graziosi

Staci said...

You took me here a few summers ago! ... might have been more than that, actually, because I think Jackson was still in a stroller. I LOVED it.
Olivia looks wonderful and the pics from the signing are great!