Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 Backyards and 1 New Camera

3 Backyards was a thought-provoking analysis of three characters who are teetering on the edge of life-changing events. A cinematic version an Eric Fischl painting, behind the banal suburban facade lurks an undercurrent of depression, turmoil, and danger.
It was great fun to go to a movie with so many members of the cast and crew on hand. Louise Millmann, who plays the role of 'the teacher', sat behind me in the back row with her bag of popcorn and two good friends. In front of me was her mother Rose and brother Chris. As for her performance, it was not lost on me that Louise is more theatrical in her real-life performace as a photography teacher than she is in portraying on on the big screen.
After the enlightening Q & A session which followed the movie, Louise headed over to deliver homemade Irish Soda Bread to her longtime friend and star of the film, Edie Falco, who gave Louise a hearty embrace and me, a friendly handshake. But alas, my new camera, a spiffy Canon known for its great low lighting shots, leaves me with an 'atmospheric' shot of the two. Let's just say I won't be joining the ranks of the paparazzi anytime soon.

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modernemama said...

Awesome shot of Lousie-hope she uses it in her collage! You should tweet this post to @3backyards