Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Birding

Perhaps nothing beats seasonal depression more than the sight of birds at your feeder. I recently received the following email from Mary Anne in Connecticut about her winter feedings. I simply had to share parts of it.
Recently you posted a link to a great article about feeding birds (songbirds) over the winter. I read it, and found it very helpful, and I learned that it's important to keep the feeders filled, as the songbirds come to rely on the seed that us humans start for them - so, I've been doing just that. Boy, those guys are eating like crazy! Who needs Al Roker? You want to know if it's going to snow ,,, well, just watch how hungry your birds are! You would be happy to know that as I gaze out on my yard, with feeders freshly filled, there are at least three or four dozen birds and the occasional chip munk and squirrel, all having breakfast. They seem to bring such a light, and happy 'energy' with them.
Mary Anne even put her leftover Christmas tree out for them to have a place to perch. So if you are surrounded with the white stuff as we are, and feeling a bit weary, consider keeping a stocked bird feeder right outside your window. Even if it doesn't elevate your mood fully, you'd be helping out our feathered friends. For the link Mary Anne read, it was an article by Seatuck's Enrico Nardone.

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