Monday, January 17, 2011


With today's commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr, it proves the power of one person's ability to lead many. Leadership requires vision and with it, comes a responsibility to lead by example. MLK's leadership is of an epic stature, as our nation continues to strive to follow his example of civility and righteousness.
Although the individual has great power, it is the actions of the collective which can literally move mountains. In 1977, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Kenyan political activist Dr. Wangari Maathai wanted to combat the effects of deforestation and soil erosion by organizing a tree planting campaign. Her Green Belt program not only made a change in the Kenyan landscape, it also changed how Kenyan women felt about themselves. In organzing tree planting, Maathai encouraged Kenyans not only to invest in their country, but gave them a sense of empowerment, which grew along with the 40 million trees planted across Africa.
Days like today remind us to not only take leadership roles when necessary, but to consider who we follow with great care.

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