Thursday, November 11, 2010


James, Nadine, Olivia and Jackson with Tommy Monahan's parents and sister

Tommy Monahan's grandparents with Olivia

Today at the ASPCA's Annual Humane Awards Luncheon, Olivia received the Tommy P. Monahan Award for Kid of the Year. The honor of this award was made even greater when we had the chance to meet Tommy's family. Tommy Monahan was a 9 year old Staten Island boy who loved nature as much as Olivia. Tragically, Tommy died in 2007, trying to save his dog from a house fire. Our family was moved to tears when we heard about Tommy's love of animals, how he encouraged a woodpecker to live in his backyard, and his desire to donate money to the ASPCA. Tommy's grandmother has written a book about her grandson, and Tommy's uncle, a retired firefighter who served the NYFD for 21 years, told me that every time he sees the woodpecker in the yard, he feels Tommy's presence. I know every time we look at the award Olivia received today, we will feel his presence in our lives as well.

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