Thursday, October 21, 2010

Green Inititiatives in Town of Islip

Who says our nation can't go green? Not Town of Islip's Councilwoman Trish Bergin Weighbrodt nor Councilman John Edwards, who are announcing a forward-thinking initiative today encouraging homeowners, builders, and architects/to meet new Home Energy Rating System (HERS) standards when building new projects in the Town of Islip. By setting incremental and reasonable guidelines, especially in an area where energy costs are the highest in the nation, it could serve as a potential model for other towns and counties in NY state. The announcement will take place today at Bouler Architecture's Oak Beach project, a zero-energy home that not only received the highest HERS rating on Long Island, it generates more energy than it uses. With its use of photovoltaic panels, a geo-thermal system, insulation, and high-efficiency windows, the home is both energy efficient and comfortable. Bouler Architecture's Nick Pfluger, client Jill Kornman, and builder Ron LaBarbera, of LaBarbera Construction, will meet with Councilwoman Bergin Weichbrodt and Councilman Edwards to celebrate the initiative.
It is especially noteworthy to me that this initiative is a bi-partisan collaboration which was approved unanimously by the Town Board. Now isn't it about time that government on the state and federal level work together for forward-thinking, environmentally responsible initiatives? I'm not usually a one-issue type of voter-- I'm more of a big picture, overall governing philosophy kind of person, but I think it is perfectly valid to look at a candidates perspective on environmental issues as a barometer both literally and figuratively in terms of their investment in our nation's future.

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