Monday, October 11, 2010

500! Blog Entries

I don't normally put much stock in numerology, but it seems most appropriate to write about Potic Cottage for my 500th blog entry. Bouler Design Group, the blog, started about two years ago in an attempt to chronicle our addition to the cottage and Bouler Architecture's projects. What I didn't imagine was how blogging would take me on field trips, introduce me to other fantastic bloggers (hello modernemama, Ciao, Chessa!, and Tom Judson!), and become a space for me to explore ideas of all kinds. I've used it as a teaching tool, a family scrap book, and a sounding board.
The 500th entry coincides with 10-10-10, a magical number in itself. We celebrated by picking apples at a local orchard and picking up pumpkins at Black Horse Farms. Tom Judson and Jonathan Wilber popped by the cottage to check on the fort. But the big news was that it was also the day where Olivia finished the manuscript and illustrations for her children's book.
Needless to say it is remarkable how my life has evolved over 500 entries, and for that, I am infinitely grateful.


Tom Judson said...

You put us all to shame! Mazel tov!

modernemama said...

Wonderful images and great news on the book. You are such a multitasking, inspirational family. Also... How about them apples? Delicious!

heidi said...

Happy 500!!!!!! Beautious!