Friday, July 23, 2010

Seatuck Fundraiser: Open Call for Art Entries

Puffin in Maine by Jackson Bouler

Seatuck, Islip NY
One of the ways our family decided to react to the spill was to act locally. Like many places, Long Island birds and those migrating through here, are suffering from loss of habitat, so we were delighted this spring when Seatuck Environemental Association opened its headquarters and bird sanctuary along the Great South Bay in Islip, NY, a quick bike!20ride from our house. With ties to Audubon and Cornell Cooperative Extension, beautiful hiking trails for bird watching, terrific education programs (including outdoor yoga!), and a safe haven for birds, it was also a place we wanted to support. Olivia and I worked their program's table in Shirley, NY at the International Migratory Bird Festival and now we are putting together a fundraiser on SEPTEMBER 4th, at 2 PM to support them. Musicworks founder and jazz trumpet player Jesse Neuman has helped us organize a small summer jazz band with Olivia on saxophone and Jackson on piano and electric guitar, Bryan on trumpet, and Jimmy on double bass, which will perform at Seatuck, so it seemed like a natural extension of the event when Enrico said, "What about some artwork?"

Of course!!! Many have written to us about sending us drawings or asking about ways to particiapte, so here is a great chance to do both. As an artist, I've been taking part in open calls for postcards through a group of artists , including my dear friend and collage artist Louise Millman, who were inspired by Ray Johnson. Johnson, a pop artist, used the postal system as part of his performance art-- the anticipation of opening an envelope, not unlike the feeling many people had when they received Olivia's artwork this week, is an excitement that is integrated into the art experience.

Long story short, we are asking for artists of ALL AGES, ALL LOCATIONS, and ALL MEDIUMS (photography, drawing, painting, collage, computer) to submit a POSTCARD-SIZED work of art showcasing birds to be displayed and sold at the fundraiser for $5 each. All money will go to Seatuck.


*Send entries to Seatuck, PO Box 31, Islip, NY 11751 attn: Art Show postmarked no later than 8/26/10.
*You can mail it in an envelope or as a postcard.
*None of the artwork will be returned. If it isn't sold at the fundraiser, it will be part of the Seatuck giftshop.
*Postcards can be original artwork or reproduction, but should include your name on the back.
*They must not exceed 5" x 7".
*You do not have to be at the fundraiser to participate, but we'd love to meet you!
*Please post an image of your artwork on Olivia's Save the Gulf Facebook page for everyone to see!

Please spread the word. The strength of the show is in numbers. And don't be afraid to send yours in-- it is truly meant for everyone to participate, artists and novice alike.


nicoledelaune said...

Can't wait to see what I can come up with... the thinking cap is on! TY, Nicole, Gonzales, LA

Nadine @ BDG said...

How great!! I'm psyched to see what we get-- I've got to do a piece myself.

Anonymous said...

i want to do one too!

Laura said...

Excellent...the O'Shea-Dorfman clan is in. Gav is experimenting with which type of medium he can create with "lefty." lol

Lori said...

I feel so techno-challenged. How do I upload the photos to this site?

Nadine @ BDG said...

Lori, it's even more basic. Print the images out in a 5 x 7 format, mount them on stiff paper of the same size, and put them in an envelope to mail! No uploading required :)

modernemama said...

Such a great idea for a fundraiser, you guys never stop!