Saturday, July 10, 2010

DC Trip: Save Bird Habitat Through Renewable Energy

The Declaration of Independence doesn't say we have the freedom to protest if we don't like governmental policy. Instead, it says we have the responsibility to do so. With this in mind, our family leaves tomorrow morning for Washington DC to express our concerns about preserving bird habitat and supporting clean energy initiatives, two ideas which we see as intrinsically linked. As it stands, we have meetings with two congressmen on the Energy Committee, Congressman Waxman and Congressman Engel, our representative, Congressman Israel, and Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar.
Those of you who have been reading this blog regularly know that Bouler Architecture has long advocated for alternative energy, finding that through a proper integration of systems, zero energy buildings can produce more energy than they consume. To illustrate this concept, Nicholas Pfluger, James' right-hand man in the practice, put together this brief film about zero energy structures. It's fantastic.


modernemama said...

You Go Tell Them! We have the resources to use renewable energy we just need the will of our government to help us utilize it. For us and for our future.

Dianne Engleke said...

The simplicity and elegant logic of your designs offer a perfect way for us to make a difference. How we choose to live has consequences and ,as you show us, they can be positive ones!